Python Like a PRO 🐍📚 Book

Gui Latrova
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⚠️📚 This book is still under development (that's why it's so cheap right now, the price will increase once all chapters are published).

You need to know what the hell you're doing 🔥🐍

Python is one of the most flexible languages I have had contact with.

Everything too flexible enhances the odds of bad decisions.

People often assume that as long as something works then it's probably the proper way of doing so. (It's not!)

Many decisions that are easy to implement may backfire, producing buggy or hard-to-read code.

I've over 9 years of programming experience working for companies in the US 🇺🇸 and Brazil 🇧🇷. It means that I've seen a lot of 💩 in different cultures.

People are unsure about how to build things from scratch.

They know how to write classes and functions, but they don't know WHEN.

They know they should log, but they don't know WHAT and HOW.

They know they should follow good practices, but they don't know WHICH.

They know they should do SOMETHING, so they end up doing ANYTHING (regardless of correct or not).

Become an engineer 🏗️🐍

Engineering can be defined as:

“the action of working artfully to bring something about.”

💁🏻‍♂️ That's what you're going to do from now on. 👆

You don't randomly add logs and expect the best.

You don't name modules, functions, and classes by coincidence hoping it makes sense.

You don't just copy Python snippets from StackOverflow and assume it's good practice.

You intentionally write good code, follow good patterns, and build real software that makes sense and scales.

Is this book good? 📚🤔

Not good – It's GREAT!

I teach you HOW and WHEN to follow GOOD PRACTICES and DESIGN PATTERNS.

You're going to identify and predict 💩 faster!

You're getting flexible rules you can apply at your daily job.

❤️ You're going to intentionally write code you're proud of!

How can I be sure it's great? 📚🤩

You're lucky that over the past year I had released some incomplete drafts of this book.

Take a look and ask yourself: Have you been doing any of these wrong?

🗣️ See what people are talking about it (⚠️ These are only the drafts!)

Who is this book for? 📚👤

This book is not for absolute beginners. You should be familiar with Python.

If you're not, add this book to your wish list, learn Python interactively somewhere else, and come back at it then to level up your game.

What you're getting 🤩

I joined startups before they had a codebase. I led teams with complete Python beginners, and I'm sharing what worked:

  • You're learning how to build good code from scratch.
  • I share REAL EXPERIENCES from real life;
  • I tell you what worked for me over the past;
  • I give you actionable advice;

📖🚧 Book Content [Under Development!]

⚠️ Contents, Ordering, and Chapters may change!


🟢 Done

🟡 Under review (grammar, examples)

🔵 Writing

🔴 Not Started

🟡 Chapter 1: Projects

  1. Guidelines
    1. Structure your project
    2. Creating modules and entry points
    3. Structure your code after the problem it solves
  2. When importing packages
    1. Making repetitive imports less boring
  3. Managing dependencies
    1. Stop using requirements.txt
    2. The red pill
    3. pyproject.toml vs requirements.txt
    4. Install your code locally
  4. Helper scripts and tasks
    1. Dealing with simple scripts
    2. Dealing with complex scripts
    3. Use linters
  5. BONUS
    1. Sharing a directory from a real company
    2. Python Templates for you

🔵 Chapter 2: Good Practices

🔴 Chapter 3: Packaging and Release to PyPI

  • ☝️ You're going to get the PDF that will allow you to intentionally write GREAT Python code at a DISCOUNTED price – while it's not fully released. 👇

  • Chapters Available
    1 out of 3
  • ☝️ You're going to get the PDF that will allow you to intentionally write GREAT Python code at a DISCOUNTED price – while it's not fully released. 👇
  • Chapters Available1 out of 3


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